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Broadsword is a small fanzine that focuses on the only new source of Doctor Who stories, the New and Missing Adventures. This site is the metaphysical extension of the original dead tree format.

Broadsword contains short pieces of fiction, obscure graphics, articles about fandom, reviews without reference to the covers, debates, retroperspectives, interviews with the authors, interviews with people who might be authors, Virgin rejects and helpful tips on writing New and Missing Adventures.

Why you should get Broadsword?

To show your support for the New and Missing Adventures, to show Richard's Mum that he is not wasting his time, to see all the amazingly different page layouts. (More reasons to be added latter.)

How can I get Broadsword?

Broadsword subscriptions:
6 issues (1year)
In Australia $6.00
Overseas A$12.00 - please send International Money Orders made out to 'Broadsword'

Send subscriptions to:
153 Wardell Rd
Dulwhich Hill NSW 2203


This web page is written and edited by David Robinson and Richard Prekodravac, with a large number of suggestions and help from Steve Leahy.

We feel we must point out that everything that appears in these web pages (unless otherwise stated) is the product of Broadsword © 1995.

The cover art appearing in the New Adventures and the Missing Adventures pages are copyright to the original artists.

Items appearing in the Articles, Reviews, Travels Without Destination and Interviews pages were originally printed in Broadsword.

You may download any material for personal use but please do not reprint anything without first obtaining our permission as doing so is both illegal and very annoying.


All the graphics buttons on the home page were created by Richard and David.

The horizontal rule with Broadsword embossed in it is an on-going project, it still doesn't look right...

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Who is Broadsword

Broadsword is produced by two guys from Sydney they are David Robinson and Richard Prekodravac.

This page will eventually contain a brief biog of Richard and David. As well as other details concerning Broadsword. (When I get the time.)

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Name: David Robinson
Stuff about me.

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Name: Richard Prekodravac
Stuff about him.

Thanks to everyone

This web page would not be possible without the following people, for there support, help and general just being there we would like to thank you. Steve Leahy, David Golding, Jill Verity, Kate Orman, Rebecca Levene, Andy Bodle, Paul Cornell, Steve Traylen and Leo A Scott.

Broadsword was first published on Friday, 20 January 1995
This page was launched on Monday, 7 August 1995
Last Modified Friday, 7 February 1997

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Submissions, questions, info or just general email to info@broadsword.org