Broadsword Archive

Fanzine Index Broadsword began and continues its existance as a fanzine, published in Sydney. Each issue has been catalogued, detailing the articles featured in each issue.
Interviews Discussions with the authors of the New and Missing Adventures about their novels and their writing. Wonderfully inspirational.
Reviews reveiws of the New and Missing Adventures.
Switch In, Switch On, Switch Off Words designed especially to expand your vocabulary; witty, amusing and silly they might just be useful. One day.
Companions The New Adventures authors have been given the opportunity to expand and develop the companions of the Doctor like never before. Here we discuss their development.
Debates and disscusions - about anything.
Fandom - articles about fandom.
Internet articles - articles about the internet.
Retro-perspectives - re-examination of the older books.
Stuff, articles on traditions and mythos - anything else.
Various Opinions - opinions.
Virgin Rejects - what happens when your book is rejected.
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