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'And a Broadsword unit is doing ... whatever weird stuff those guys do.'
from page 27 of Paul Cornell's No Future.

Broadsword was a small fanzine that focused on the only new source of Doctor Who stories, the New and Missing Adventures. This site is the metaphysical extension of the original dead tree format.

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The Books All known Doctor Who books, in or out of print, as listed in the TARDIS Library.
Doctor Who Fiction From fan fiction to the Preludes to the NA's.
The Broadsword Archive Almost anything that has ever been printed in Broadsword.
Writers' Guides The official BBC Doctor Who writer's guidelines (on the BBC's Doctor Who site).
The FAQ's A collection of FAQ's about Doctor Who books.
cyberWoods Doctor Who book-related links (on the TARDIS Library site).

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Broadsword was first published on Friday, 20 January 1995
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