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A list of words collected over several issues of Broadsword that will help any writer get that NA/MA published. Words such as cartmelian silences, dutch burning and companion X can now enter the English language.

cartmelian : a deep, dark, brooding and mysterious expression.

Examples : 1. A cartmelian gaze. 2. ...cartmelian shadows crept over the Doctor's face. 3. Bernice saw the cartmelian grin on the Doctor's face.

chirac : arrogantly stupid

Examples : 1. "'Doctor, who is Davros?' said companion X. 'He is the creator of the Daleks, and extremely chirac.'" 2. The President of France is incredibly chirac.

companion X : an extremely useful plot device. When a novel has been plotted for say three companions, and one leaves before you can submit your idea, companion x is invoked. This companion is said to have joined in a previous adventure, and of course 99% of the time will die in the novel.

Examples : 1. In Doctor Who history, Susan and Mel. 2. In Star Trek it's that guy on the transporter pad who you have never seen before and you know is going to die.

cornell : 1. To be the most of. 2. Longest.

Examples : 1. Tom Baker is the cornell of all actors to play the role of the Doctor. 2. Paul Cornell is the cornell of all NA/MA writers.

dutch burning : a dramatic statement (usually of protest) that causes mostly embarrassment to one self.

Example : The burning the flag of The Netherlands to protest against the resumption of nuclear testing by the French, is a brilliant display of dutch burning.

Ékstasis : 'Standing outside of oneself. Beyond oneself. An ecstatic document is one whose value is not what lies within it but what it points to.' (p.108; David Weinberger, Wired 3.03, 1995).

mangising : when food products are subject to being science fiction technology.

Example : At the July Tavern, Neil Hogan turned his prawn cutlet into Voyager, Kate Orman turned a piece of broccoli into the Crystalline Entity. These acts are examples of people mangising. The most famous example of mangising were the Daleks.

Origin : Mangare is the Italian word for food.

mcintee-ism: gun.

onanism: An onanism refers to something which has been overly described or explored beyond context.

ormanising : 1. To put characters in a work of fiction through physical and emotional hell. (Originally defined by Robert Ulrich) 2. The ability by an author to put the characters in a novel to experience the cornell of tragic circumstances.

Panarchy : 'A political unit or state where everyone has power.' (p.56; Gareth Branwyn, Wired 3.03, 1995).

sansculleti: An Italian swear word meaning, "How can someone take so much space to park a car!" The opposite meaning is also a sanscolleti, such as in the following example

Example: When companion X walked into the TARDIS, she immediately thought how can so much space take so little room. All she could say was `Sanscolleti!'

stoned: an extreme form of frockism, where by you are fully aware of how ridiculous the ridiculous situation you are in is. It is always accompanied by an extreme maddening euphoria. To experience the full extent of being stoned requires you to be trapped in a circular room thing with no means of obvious and attainable escape for 24 hours with the noted biographer, tap dancer, &c. ... Dave Stone, of which 20 of the 24 hours will be spent discussing the intricacies and beauty and sheer audacity of the intestines of a marmoset pretend move thing during certain bowel movements, and for the remaining four hours spent using an amusingly shaped pointy stick thing discussing the literary techniques on the-use-of-hyphen-things-and-the-importance-on-the-use-of 1.

turner: totally inappropriate.

Example: "And now Doctor, as you wont let us rule the universe, we are going to destroy it!!!" said the three super-beings in monotone.

"Now that's just turner." replied the Doctor.

Another example would be the use of the husks in Ghost Light.

weiner : To put an article on a reference list, which is the most important reference, not make it available for anyone to read, and make sure that no copy exists in any Australian library.

Example : Distributors of the NA/MA have weinered many copies of the books, in Australia and the United States.

Origin : The Psychology Department at the University of Sydney, had put on its reference list for a social psychology assessment, an article by Bernard Weiner. No copy was in Fisher Library. No copy exists in any library in Australia.


1: notes.

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