White Boys

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performed by Melba Moore, Lorrie Davis and Emmaretta Marks

White boys are so pretty, skin as smooth as milk.
White boys are so pre-e--etty, hair like Chinese silk.
I tell ya that white boys give me goosebumps, White boys give me the chills.
And when they touch my shou-ou-oulder, that's the touch that kills.
Well, my mama calls them lilies, but I call them picadillies.
My daddy told me stay away.
But I say come on out and play.
White boys are so groovy, white boys are so tough.
Every time that they're nea-ea-ear me, I just can't get enough.
Oh, white boys are so pretty, white boys are so sweet.
White boys drive me cra-a-azy, drive me indiscreet.
White boys are so sexy, legs so long and lean.
I love those sprayed-on trou-ou-ousers, love the love machine.
Yeah my brother calls 'em rubble, thet's my kind of trouble.
My daddy told me, "No, no, no, no."
But I say white boys go, go, go, go, go.
White boys are so lovely, beautiful as girls.
I love to run my fi-i-ingers and toes through all their curls.
Give me a tall, a lean, a sexy, a sweet, a pretty, a juicy White boys (black boys) White boys (black boys) White boys (black boys) White boys...