Monthly 1.2.1

Latest version: 1.2.1

Last Update: 30th August 2006

Size: 76KB

Requires: Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later

Downloaded: 3,887

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Monthly is a Dashboard widget that displays the current date as an analog ring.

The ring displays the percentage of the current month in a bright colour that fades from blue though purple and finally red as the month nears the end.

Very useful for a quick glance at the months progress, and a continuous reminder of just how fast the days go by.

Version history

1.2.1 (30th August 2006)

  • Fixed an error in the arc display when hourly update mode was active.

1.2 (29th August 2006)

  • Changed size of widget, making the ring 10 pixels bigger.
  • Added percent tick marks on the inner side of the ring.
  • Added hourly update mode.
  • Added preference for hourly/daily update.
  • Added preference for display of tick marks.
  • Changed preference storage code.
  • Fixed pill colour so it works better on a dark background.
  • Added preference for arc drawing animation.
  • Changed icon for widget.
  • Added legal disclaimer.

1.1 (never released)

  • Added pill colour change based on month.
  • Fixed update issues.
  • Fixed clearing of preferences.
  • Changed pill graphic.
  • Added animation on new day update.
  • Changed font for month display to 'Gill Sans'.
  • Changed back graphic and layout.
  • Changed icon for widget.

1.0 (22nd February 2006)

  • Initial public release.