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In a world where the only truth is fear. The one willing to hold a sparkler is a wizard.


Forever christmas: what if Santa came every day? Writing Prompt: Come up with an eight-word tagline for your novel or short story. It needs to be pithy, punchy, memorable, and easily comprehensible.


The people had lived underground for so long that all of the old cherished traditions from the surface had faded, warped, mutated and evolved over the millennia. Celebrated every other seventh year an person was required to submit to ‘the daily recon’. On this day you have to tally up all the gifts you have Holiday

Factory Story – Part 6

1:23 AM Tuesday, 25th October 2011 Nate was alone, standing on the footpath outside of his apartment building, confused and unsure of himself or of the future. He slowly walked up the three flights of stairs. His confusion was mostly caused by feelings he had never felt before and didn’t know the right names of. Factory Story – Part 6

Factory Story – Part 5

The hail pounded on the factory’s tin roof, filling the empty factory floor with a deafening roar. The offices were better protected, but the noise was still oppressively loud. The lack of power was a bigger problem. Nate went down stairs and walked through the unused machinery, leaving footprints in the dust. He unlocked and Factory Story – Part 5

Factory Story – Part 4

After lunch Nate found it difficult to concentrate. Nervousness about the evenings date kept him for focusing on his work. He needed something to take his mind of it. Coffee. He reached for the half full mug on his desk, lifted it to his lips and sipped. Cold coffee filled his mouth and he spat Factory Story – Part 4

Factory Story – Part 3

Nate walked back to his office, set the package down on his desk and examined the card. Turning the small cheap business card over in his fingers, examining the hand written phone number. His mind was fixated with the ten digits. Before he could stop himself images of ‘happily ever after’ flooded his imagination. Brian Factory Story – Part 3

Factory Story – Part 2

Nate looked down at his coffee soaked business shirt and then at his empty coffee mug. The wet shirt didn’t really bother him, but the empty mug did. He put the mug into the sink and unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. Scarlet made herself a cup of hot water and dropped in a Factory Story – Part 2

Factory Story – Part 1

He walked through the morning city rain under a small rainbow coloured umbrella that was clearly not the sort of umbrella he would normally have used. His mostly dull blue and black clothes contrasted with the bright rainbow of the umbrella. His shoes and the lower half of his jeans were soaked. Five minutes earlier Factory Story – Part 1