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The Lonely Man Article v2.1


JACKSON John Jones (32, average Australian guy) sits in a small, trendy restaurant by himself. A fierce storm rages outside, the occasional flash of lightning brightening the room, but otherwise the restaurant is warm and cozy.

Jackson waits, looking out the window into the stormy night, checking his phone for messages, checking his calendar to make sure he is in the right place. Checking his watch, waiting for someone. He has been stood up. Again.

The Found Phone

My reproduction 1980’s digital wrist-watch counts its way towards 5pm, and closing time.

I watch the watch.




The sooner it gets there the sooner I can leave. The sooner I can leave the sooner I can forget all about my work and all my obligations to other people.

Escape Goat

Unemployed. Again.

Joe burst out of the building, into the small dark lane, the sun not yet high enough to pierce the deep gullies between the office buildings. His scuffed black leather boots, the closest thing he had to business shoes, slapped loudly on the cobbled lane way. One, two, three steps, his legs unsteady, he stopped. He needed to get away from here, but his legs would not work. He steadied himself, resting his left hand on the grimy red brick wall.

21st Century Matchmaker

“Worst. Date. Ever.” The voice sobbed at him through the phone.

Ethan sat naked on his bed in the dark room rubbing one side of his head with one hand and holding his old iPhone to the other side of his head with the other hand. Stupid. Should not have answered the phone. Very stupid.

“Trace, its two in the morning, can’t this wait?” More stupid, should not have asked a question.


Average family staying in a 1-star hotel when the alien invasion happens. They knew going to florida for the holidays was a bad idea.

Bus to hell

He left his soul on the bus, and now he is racing against the devil to get it back.


It was on her wedding night, as they consummated their vows and she saw the face out the window, that she realised she had married the wrong stalker.

Dog monster

Love brought closer together when they had bought the puppy. Guilt brought them even closer when they accidentally let the dog devour and digest the neighbours kid. Fear brought them closer still when they realised they might be next on the menu.


With only one space left in the life boat he had to chose between the man he lusted after, and the woman he loved.