These posts were originally published on the greymatter version of this blog.

Closed for repairs

Yesterday Alex sent me a link to MovableType. Today they released version 2 with stacks of new features. So I’m going to chage over to MovableType version 2 over the next few days, till the new system is up and running I shan’t be posting.

Am I a writer?

Today Dave Golding asked me this question: Are you a writer? My answer at the time was that I lack the dedication to write. By that I mean that I would like to be a writer, but don’t actually do much writing. So at best I’m a wannabe writer. Perhaps I should do something about Am I a writer?

Buffy is back

Having now watched the first episode of Buffy season 6 twice I can say this. Buffy rocks.

Mardi Gras

The parade was fucking awesome as always, but I wont go on, it was a you-had-to-be-there thing.

New Buffy, can’t wait

In standard preparation for tonights airing of the first episode of the latest season of Buffy I watched the last two episodes of season five again tonight. Is it just me or does it get really bleary near the end of the last episode for everyone else too?

Morally speaking

Factiod with little meaning number 470223: My Moral Parsimony Score is 100% ( according to Morality Play @ The Philosophers’ Magazine) That’s not to say that these morals actually guide my choices, but it does explain all the guilt.

Rabbit-Proof Fence

Not an easy movie to watch. Which is why you should watch it. This movie shows just one story of three aboriginal girls that were forcibly removed from their mothers and assimilated into white culture, but the girls decided it wasn’t for them and so walked 1200 miles home. An extremely moving and powerful story, Rabbit-Proof Fence

The nature of God part 2

Why would God that is free to do anything, and able to do anything be limited by something as simple as logic? Why can’t God create a square circle or make 1 + 1 = 72? These are only impossibilities due to our small notions of the way things work.