Truth and Human Nature

As the world goes on things in general become slightly clearer to me. Humans are hypocrites. We just are. Just accept it. But it sometimes confounds me in the subtlety. One that that I realised today is that no matter how much I might actually know about the best way other people should proceed in Truth and Human Nature


I just got off the phone to the Tax Office. I rang them, was on the phone for less than 3 minutes, got exactly the information I needed and was spoken too in a polite and considerate fashion. My guess is the guy had only started the job today.

Cafe Philosophy

While at a cafe with a friend recently, he stated that he had little intereste in the ancient phiosopheres. I believe his reason (could be wrong on this bit) was a combination of disslike for the formal academic process, and a desire to be able to come to his own conclusions about the world and Cafe Philosophy