Well my trip to London is done, I’m back and I’m still me. I’ve began the task of sortting through all 1202 photos to find the few decent snaps that are actually worth showing to people.

It’s the Muppet show!

You are Fozzie Wokka Wokka! You love to make lame jokes. Your sense of humor might be a bit off, but you’re a great friend and can always be counted on. Take the What Muppet Are You? Quiz!

Sexy Kitty

Take the What animal best portrays your sexual appetite?? Quiz

Dave as folk?

find your queer as folk personality! Unfortunatly I’ve yet to see the US version… so I’m not sure if this match is a good thing…


Nice place, could stay here forever if the money wasn’t an issue. Well I finally made it t an internet cafe, fond out that my webmail doesn’t work here (pissed off), but blogging does, so it could be worse I guess… Anyway, no time to chat, paying for this in £!

See ya’s all in about a month

Well, now just two hours before leaving for the airport, then its off to Hong Kong for a day and then on to London. Strangely not feeling all the excitment one might expect. I had meant to update the layout of this blog before going… I had meant to publish my itinerary, maybe a map See ya’s all in about a month


No, not really, just that strange mix of anticapation and nervousness. But I’ve got a list of things to take, and even managed to find most of the things on the list (still not sure where I left the toothpaste of linguistic ability…). Less than a week and I’ll be in merry old London (is Panic?

Bits of everything

Well, been away, to a family weeding, one of my cousins is now married. Simply it was the best weeding I’ve ever been to, mostly because it was informal and taylored to suit the bride and groom. My new computer has arrived, it’ll never be the same as Lukas, my trusty old Key Lime iBook, Bits of everything