One year on and still no idea what I’m doing.

A year ago the first entry was posted on this blog… well the first public entry, the first entry that is still there. (The actual first entry was posted near the end of June 2001) Anyway, 206 entries, 192 comments and 453 bad decisions later I find that the comments made in that first entry are still true. Worse, some (most) of the projects I was talking about back then still haven’t happened, and I’ve added to the list (and since then lost the list). But the blog, good or bad, is here, has some stuff in it, some of which I’m even proud about. And I’m not one to be proud of myself very often (embarrassed or ashamed all the time, but not proud). This funny little blog is still an experiment, nothing more than doodles on a blackboard, but that was all it was ever meant to be, so it is a success. I might even find the inspiration to post more than once a week… but don’t count on it.