Meta update details about the blog itself.

Fixed the blog - 2

Don’t quote me on this, but I think I’ve finally tracked the problem down to the ImageMagick plug-in. Well, I’ve turned it off and things seem to actually be working, which is an interesting change. Let’s see how long it lasts.

Fixed the blog

Finally fixed up the errors that were preventing me from publishing anything. This blog seems to be more often broken than actually working. Maybe I should get one of those ‘100 days since last accident’ signs for my blog.

What is this blog for these days?

I think i need to start exploring things like css for mobile devices, and iphone, and ajax and web 2.0, and add all that stuff in to my blog to play with these technologies… a test bed for new stuff is after all what this blog is all about.

Nothing to say… again?

So… I have this grovy blog thing, I’ve even bothered to update it to the latest and greatest verions, so its all nice and shinny and now that it all works nicely I can’t think of anything to say. So instead here is a stupid meta post about how I can’t think of anything to Nothing to say… again?

Old bloginess

Reading though some of my old blog entries and it seems I had a lot more to say about nothing particular at all than I do now. I’m sure that means something… probably that I’m just not thinking enough in creative ways lately. I need to do something about that. Time to get myself into Old bloginess