Revenue streams be the death of us all

The big companies are once again stupidly trying to make money out of the Internet, free services are being closed down or at least scalled down, with the previously free optinos available if your willing to pay for them. With the end of the free era of the net, so goes the good karma, advertising and mindspace these companies had been enjoying. Take something as simple as your email address. Are you still using the same address you had when you first dialed-up? Are you still usig the same ISP? Perhaps at some point you thought to get a hotmail account, or some such other free mail so that it didn’t matter if you changes ISP, people would still be able to get in touch. Only thing is the assumptions made. At any time Microsoft may decided to shut hotmail down, and they aren’t going to ask for your permission to do it. Recently I’ve seen a lot of people getting very sick of the unrealiablity of the big companies, and their ISP. The answer is simple, and not that expensive, buy your own domain name, and create some email addresses there. Then you can take it with you where ever you go, you and you alone control the address. The rest of the net can go get fucked, cause I’m taking my own bit back.