Metric system prefixes.

While searching the net for a list of the SI prefixes I found this, not only is the first mnemonic very funny, the rest of the sight looks like the thing any true geek should memorise for when trying to chat up a chic at a dance… or something. Physics Mnemonics Oh, and for the record the ones i was looking for are, kilo- (k), mega- (M), giga- (G), tera- (T), peta- (P), exa- (E), zetta- (Z), yotta- (Y) Can’t you just wait to have a 2 ZHz computer with a 64 ZB hard drive and 256 Eb of ram? And according to Moore’s Law (well, sort of) this sort of computer will be available in 2061. But as my Deathclock says I wont see out 2047, the best computer I can hope for is 2 EHz, 64 EB hard drive, 256 PB of ram.