Star Trek

Star Trek New Movie Poster So I went and saw Star Trek again, but this time I saw it in the pseudo IMAX that Hoyts is pushing hard at the moment. Its not ‘real’ IMAX. The screen is not 4 storeys tall. Its not worth an extra $5. What I think this is what we should get for the over-the-top $17 regular ticket price. So, what do we get in pseudo IMAX? Well first of there is something that we get less of that is a pleasant surprise, we get less ads before the feature, no slide ads, no blown-up tv ads, no computer game tie-in ads, no you-should-go-to-the-movies-more ads, we only get two trailers for other movies and then we are into the feature. These two trailers are good, they blast onto the screen in this IMAX format, the house lights go out, the image is rock solid and the sound it rocking and that is impressive for about 30 seconds. SPOILER ALERT By the time the trailers are over, the wow-factor is gone. Sure the movie starts and it is better both visually and audibly than in a regular cinema, but not enough to keep you aware of the difference. Unfortunately for me, this lack of awe at the technology meant I paid attention to the film. On the third viewing it finally occurred to me. Star Trek is crap. And I’m not talking about the time-travel stuff, or the warp-speed stuff, I just mean its own internal logic. Like when the plan to get the bad guys all hinges on them getting the Saturn first, but by the time they get there its too late, but not one single character has a problem with that and they just go ahead with the plan as if it is all working out fine, all because the visual of the ship rising out of the cloud is cool, so the audience won’t notice another major plot hole. Its a bit of fun, just be sure to put your brain in neutral before the film starts. Seen @ Pseudo IMAX @ Hoyts, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, Australia Ticket cost: $22