Fate will only do so much

Two examples stand out recently. The first happened a few weeks back. I was with Ricahrd, we were having a drink @ the Newtown. We were sitting out the back by the pool tables. A nice you boy came up and asked us if we wanted to play a game (of pool). Rich and I said no, as we were leaving shortly and that was the end of that. Later on Rich tells me he thinks we should have played pool with him after all (bit late now). The more recent example was while sitting in The Tea Centre alone, waiting for some friends to arrive I notice a nice cute boy sitting at another table, also alone. After he finishes his tea he gets up, pays and leaves. In both cases nothing happened. But in both cases something could have happened. Fate in both cases set up the situation, presented the opportunity. But beyond that its up to me to be brave and actually do something. Wish fate would give me some fore warning, something simple, I don’t want neon signs or anything. But while sitting in a cafe in Newtown it would be really nice to get an SMS that reads:

“The love of your life is about to sit down at the table next to you, why don’t you introduce yourself sweety and let me know how things turn out.” - Fate