Recent entries have had a bit of a down tone to them, so I thought I’d do something more uplifting, and my city never seems to fail me on this. Here are three pics that I took today (yeah, okay, a bit of photoshop work was done to them too, so?). bridge aged (74k image) The Sydney Habour Bridge. I find it fascinating, the way importance is place on such functional structers. Yet for a long time this little bridge was the tallest thing in Sydney, visible from most anywhere in the greater Sydney area. Now however there are many other buildings and structers that dwarf the bridge, yet even though I never lived in a time when the bridge dominated the city it still has that presence in my mind. A few years back I walked across it with Alex and a friend of his (Flatters I think his name is). Anyway, Alex isn’t from Sydney, but Flatters was. Flatters had never walked across the bridge before. For him it has always just been a part of the landscape, nothing special. I wonder why he saw it so very differently to me? operahouse (72k image) Sydney Opera House. Although I rarely go and see performance there, and have never seen a opera there, its a building that I can’t imagine Sydney without. Its just such a wrong sort of structure, kind of Sydney sticking its finger up at nature and the world. bridgefromopera (65k image) I like the shot, when I took it I didn’t think much would come of it, I like to act the tourist when looking at my city, and this just seemed another tourist shot. But the two boys in the center seem to be the focus instead of the setting. As always, photos are more interesting if there are people in them.