Week in review

It’s now early saturday morning, soon I should get some sleep (I’ve heard that its good for the mind/body and soul). And the weekend looks a little busy, not a lot, but I’m betting there wont be much free time to do ‘nothing’ in. So what did I get up to over the past week??? Monday saw me finishing up my latest IA chapter, which was a lot of fun actually. I hadn’t written in the IA’s since a big difference of opinion between myself and one of the other authors (someone who I’d introduced to the IA’s in the first place so that felt like a personal attack, but thats a matter for another post). As always, the chapter I submitted was finished at the last minute, with lost of rushing and scenes being cut because time was against me. However it has been done, but strangely it hasn’t yet been published. Mildly concerned about that. Tuesday I can’t remember, that’s probably a problem, but I’m not all that concerned. I do remember watching Buffy, the series is nearing its end and things are getting exciting. Now I’ve got it, I meet up with Rich at the Newtown, we had a drink and then went and had Pizza for dinner. Wednesday was just the usual stuff, job hunting and so forth. Thursday I went over to Salv’s Uni and meet up with him for lunch. I enjoyed doing that, its always nice to do something a little different. He showed me around his uni and stuff. Later on Thursday night, I went to dinner with the family at Barbara’s place, it was good to do that, as I don’t seem to see her much anymore. I guess there is sometime there about siblings, once they move out of home their lives are no longer FORCED to join up. Friday, spent some time coding my new Open GL screen saver, I seem to have a knack of starting projects that a bit ambitions, but its coming along nicely. Went again to Salv’s uni, bumped into Christian and spent the evening fixing problems on Salv’s computer that weren’t really there.