Why am I here?

As has often been the case of recent weeks, I once again find myself sitting in bed at a very late hour with my trusty laptop (named Lukas) on my lap. Not tired, and having run out of Interesting-Things-To-Look-At-On-The-Net(TM) several hours ago, I end up back at my new weblog. This all started out as an experiment. Ricahrd wanted some help setting up his Greymatter site a few weeks back and that got me looking into it. I had a bit of a play, checked out what it could and couldn’t do and even spent a bit of time making the main page look not crap. So, now I’ve got this weblog, and not the foggiest idea what to do with it. I am thinking that this, or some heavily re-worked version, could be the new Broadsword… but I’m not sure if the sword still has a place in the world. Anyway, is anyone else starting to fear they might always be lonely?