queerDOC - Day Four (part 5)

‘SHOW ME YOUR PIC’ Dir: Robbie Baldwin, Australia, 2001, Beta SP, 26 mins (full house) score: 5 out of 5 Perhaps this one was a little to close to the mark, but I’ve got to say it was well done and to the best of my considerable knowledge is was very accurate. ‘WEBCAM BOYS’ Dirs: RADD, USA, 2001, Beta SP, 60 mins (full house) score: 3 out of 5 I’m still not sure if this was a doco, or just a big ad for some voyeur sites… perhaps it was both. Either way it is kind of interesting being in the voyeuristic audience watching some exabisonits talk about their lives infront of the camera and on the net. For more information about queerDOC 2001 or Queer Screen.