queerDOC - Day Three (part 3)

‘NEED AND WANT’ Dirs: Micki Poklar and Daniela Crocetti, USA, 2000, Beta SP, 35 mins and ‘LESBIANS GO MAD ON LESBOS’ Dirs: Kerry McGibbin and Gabi Kent, UK, 2000, Beta SP, 54 mins I didn’t see either of these. There are two reasons for this, you can choose which one you want to believe. Personally it was a bit of both. 1) I was a bit to docoed out and needed some time to breathe and think. 2) The room packed full of dykes waiting to go in scared me. Either way it would have been nice to have someone special to hold my hand that night. For more information about queerDOC 2001 or Queer Screen.