The Empire State Building is the tallest building in New York (again)

Everyones talking about it, everyones watching it. Perhaps this is because there is nothing we can do except talk and watch, we can’t help the wounded, most of us don’t know anyone that might have been killed, or even know someone that knows someone, and yet there is a feeling, a need to be a part of fixing this. It renews my faith in humanity to see almost the whole world come together as one in sympathy of those that are suffering, and in support of the need to defend liberty. It is going to be interesting to see what the US does about this, I mean if your going to piss off the biggest, most powerful military machine on the planet then you’ve got to expect some some form of retaliation. My feeling is that America will want to make sure it is seen to respond and respond in a big way. I know that there is a way for true good to come of this tragedy, what I don’t know is if that will happen.