Understanding is random

I shuffle my deck of cards and pull three out, giving me the following: Card 1 reads: “get help”. Fine, but I wish it was a little more specific. Which of my problems does it think I should seek for about? Is it referring to the never ending search for meaning and understanding in life. Or perhaps my friends who drive me nuts but I love them anyway. Perhaps it is trying to guide my job hunting efforts. It is ever possible that its telling me how to find love. And where should I seek help? The whole point of consulting the cards was to get some help in the first place. Go figure. Card 2 reads: “open a drawer”. Okay, that’s more like it a simple instruction, so I open a draw. There ain’t much of interest, mostly its full of old audio tapes that I haven’t used for five or so years now. I keep meaning to listen to what’s on them, sort them out and throw away the really bad ones. The draw also has a hand full of unused condoms which hold no specific meaning in themselves. I wonder briefly what my mom makes of it when she’s spying in my room. Ah well, be prepared (or some such trite). Card 3 reads: “consult the news”. Hmmm. Well I would but I’m being bombarded with it enough at the moment to not need to go out and seek it. Based I my theory that the opportunities of a life time would always happen to me just after I give up or leave or are in some way not there to have the opportunity happen to me at all I turn over the card on the top of the deck. Card 4 read: “combine elements”. Well duh. Still I’m not sure exactly how. I get the feeling I’m missing something. Again.