Ey was tired. Ey was tired a lot lately. The Friends had been causing trouble and ey had been forced to clean up the mess. Petty squablings and talking behind each others backs. Nothing serious, but enough to cause inefficiencies. Ey didn’t have time for this. Ey opened eir eyes. It took a moment as eir irises quickly contracted to block the overly bright floodlighting of the cell. Ey didn’t bother to get up, as there was no where to go. So ey lay naked on the floor. The cell was a small white cube, 2 meters along every side. There was no door, no window, no opening of any sort. From time to time The Friends would come and talk to him physically. The doorway The Friends used opened in the wall ey had chosen to call north. But there were no markings on north to distinguish it from any of the other walls. Sometimes when ey was especially bored ey would stand in the middle of eir cell and spin around quickly until ey was dizzy and fell over, ey would completely loose eir orientation and it became fun to try and guess where north was. The only surface in the cell that was different was the ceiling, constantly glowing brighter than the sun on a summers day. Ey wasn’t exactly sure he still remembered what the sun looked like, but the idea remained. Ey had all the time there was. The Friends insisted that ey was not a prisoner. That ey was free to leave when ey wished. Ey knew that The Friends believed this to be true. It was perhaps a riddle, meant to tease em. Perhaps ey was trapped by the believe that ey was trapped. Ey closed his eyes and got back to work. [A discontinuance from Max by Dave Golding and its a SNOY PONY! by Mark Harris.]