The grass is always greener

We find it strange, as many of our regular readers will know, that we only ever seem to want to do something when we are somewhere else. For example we can be sitting at home with our trusty laptop “Lukas” sitting on our lap and not be able to think of a damned thing to write on our blog. But go out, while walking down Oxford St and our mind will be full of clever, meaningful and witty commentary to post. These always seem to evaporate from our mind the moment we walk in the front door. Go figure. Meanwhile, In our recent surfing (someone should invent a new verb for web browsing) we came across some unexpected web sites: The Empire of Alantium was the first, and is best described with their own one-line definition. The Empire of Atlantium is a unique independent State based in Sydney, Australia, with a primarily non-territorial immanent global sovereignty. For people wanting to know all about the “bits of the body that no one ever talks about” then there are two amazingly detailed pages to consult (depending on which bits your interested in). All About My Vagina and All About My Penis. We have also discovered that there is crap all in the way of reference material about the London Metropolitan Police Telephone Box. And we mean the Box, not the TARDIS.