What is my life, when it is not mine?

I have the feeling of late that I am not the pivot around which my life circles… and this strikes me as a very odd thing. Especially as there is no-one else in my life that I am choosing to be my focus. I need to be me. But doing so is going to cause trouble. It can not be avoided. Screw the consequence. My close friends will perhaps feel they are being neglected, or even punished, and perhaps is part that is true, but not the goal. They will either understand, or show themselves unworthy of my faith in them. I wont interfere. My distant friends will most likely not even notice any change. Perhaps they will, not all the changes will be subtle. That is as it should be. Family is a anchor, it both prevents one from finding one’s own way in the world, and prevents one from making some terrible mistakes. The freedom to do both is necessary. But the Family never understands why anyone would not want their protection. They will get hurt. But all will be mended, given time.