The old Mac vs. PC pineapple

Why is it that computer users don’t even consider the opposition as a serious option? And yes this goes both ways… but my case in point it Alan. Let me be clear hear people! I am NOT saying that Macs are better, NOR that PCs are better. What I AM saying is why not consider the option. Granted I’ve isolated Alan with no better reason that I felt like it. It is highly likely that in Alan’s case a PC is the better option (although I raise an eyebrow at the ‘do I need to partition the hard drive’ bit which is practically shouting ‘give me something simple, stylish and easy to use’.) If you actually want to know the right computer is the one that will do the task you have in mind, quickly, easily and with the minimum of fuss. If that task is to allow you to do your work at home then it is most often best to go with whatever they use at work, etc. And no, I will not stop ranting, this is a weblog after all, that’s what its for.