Tuesday, went to see Sterolab at the Metro with a bunch of friends (and friends of friends). The gig was good, and fun was had by all, but that ain’t what I’m gonna talk about. Something odd happens to me whenever I go to a live gig. My mind wanders. This is different to what happens when my mind normally wanders. There I am watching the band and having a good time and suddenly I be hit with a great idea for a story, or an interesting thing to do if I ever made a sound instillation, or a redesign for my business card. Of course I get hit by really stupid ideas too (like the one about making a business card where the text and the background were the same shade of orange), but they are funny and get disregarded straight away. This doesn’t happen when I sit down and listen to a CD instead, only ever at live things. Me thinks I should go to more live stuff.