The Third Silicon Revolution?

Ever so quietly and without anyone making a big fuss things are changing, again. Silicon is proving to be absolutely fundamental to this break through in our modern lives, and in an area non would have predicated. The kitchen. No, I’m not talking about the vaporware ‘smart fridge’ concepts, but something simple, age old cooking The Third Silicon Revolution?


Okay, today I saw my first real life Segway, the security guard down at the local supermarket was cruising up and down the street on it to show off. Gotta say… looked kewller and more fun than I’d expected.


As August draws to a close my birthday is only about a week away and I can’t help but feel lackluster and a little depressed about that. I will be yet another year older, which is the way of the world and not the problem. I find myself feeling unsatisfied with myself and my actions Birthdays…

Logical fallacies

More and more I see people, in person, in print, on the tv, using and believing they are right in using logical fallacies. Most of these fall apart when expressed in simple language, but that doesn’t stop the bulk of people believing in them for their own use… There are lots of good solid websites Logical fallacies

American Cargo Cult

The world in general, and the media particularly seem to be getting worse, and while browsing the net I found someone that has put in into words for me.

the dvorak experiment

So I’ve changed over to using the dvorack keyboard layout. Dunno why really, but what the hell, another thing to learn huh?

Household rule #323

Exit Mold must not be used before breakfast. Because it is nice to have breakfast before spraying exit mold all over the world. Or something like that.