Meanwhile in a parallel universe… again

A grand event, myself and all of my nearest loved ones treked out to Fox Studios to watch the first public screening of “Star Wars - Attack of the Clones”. This is significant because it is the first change to the tradition for a good few years. Back when the Special Edition came out we all went along to see it at midnight screenings, some dressed up, some didn’t, a fun time was had by all. But since the release of “The Phantom Menace” the cinema which these midnight screenings had occured at had been ‘renovated’ (thou butchered is a better word). It is no longer suited for such festive occasions. So we moved our tradition to the Fox Studios cinema instead. This worked well, the large open area out the front was perfect for being seen to be dressed as Queen Amidala. There is sometime magical about the crowd you get at a midnight screening. The crowd is alive with energy and excitment, it is the only way to enjoy the Star Wars saga. Not. It is a pitty that this is not the way things will play out. Due to the Machiavellian maneuvers of my friends it seems I’ll be lukcy to see the movie in it’s first week. I’m fucking pissed off about this, make no mistake. I fail to understand the events that have transpired to cause this situtation. It feels like I’m being punished by exclusion… so I must have done something wrong… wander what the hell it was?