Do not complain about life’s unfairness. It is never fair - at best, it is impartial. -David Gemmel

Perhaps not the most up lifting thought. When was the last time you thought to yourself ‘Life is so impartial’? As human beings we are automatically selfish. This is probably a survival imperative. I need food, I need shelter, I need warmth. The hunter in us can do all that by eirself. Beyond that we become social animals. I need sex. Then we realise that we can get what we need eaiser if we hang out together. The caveman ego view of the world is still in us. So when things don’t go the way we want, is it surprising that we take it personally. Its so unfair, I was late to the job interview so I didn’t get the job, so we can’t move to New York. But what about: Not that I would have got the job anyway, because I wasn’t what they were looking for. And besides, the reason I was late was because there had been an accident on the road and the police had stopped the traffic while they tried to save the lives of the people in the crash.