Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I remember thinking ‘That’ll make a great article for my weblog.’ Wish I could remember what the idea was… Anyway, I’m working on some behind the scene things. Currently this is mostly new CSS work, and it is comming together slowly. When I’m done this page your reading will be result of one html file and three (3) css files. Why three? This is where the power of the cascade comes in. The first file will be the layout, basically things like ‘the links bar goes on the left, the page header goes at the top, font face and size’. The second file will be the color for all the elements, ‘purple hilight, grey background, bright yellow links’. The third file will be the stuff that is perculiar to the blog mark. Once all this is done every page on my site can fit within the same layout, but have different color scheems depending on the section… sounds good in theory, getting it to work just takes time to make sure I’ve put everything in the right place.