The Living Web

Over at A List Apart they have a great article on 10 Tips on Writing the Living Web. So, lets see how I do: 1. Write for a reason Okay, so I don’t have a good answer for this. This weblog really started as an experiment with the technology. Back then I was using a nice bit of software called GreyMatter and all was good. Then I changed to using the nicer (subjective) bit of software MovableType. I’m still using MovableType, and have found it fun. But what of the experiment, well I know a great deal more about the installation and running of a weblog (or other regularly updated news or journal sites). And I know a lot more about the limitations, for example I know that I couldn’t addapt Broadsword without major feature additions. So, I’ve not really got a good reason for running this, maybe I should look at finding one. 2. Write often Hmm, well I don’t score very well here. I tend to be sparadic at best, I think I’ve managed to write at least once a month. 3. Write tight Well, this one I do do. Sometimes too much, leaving more of the idea in my head and less on paper than was planned… 4. Make good friends Okay, so I don’t tend to “go out and find new stuff to read” much. 5. Find good enemies Hmm… I guess I’d first have to decided what I wanted to say… 6. Let the story unfold Score badly here too… 7. Stand up, speak out Yes, but say what? 8. Be sexy Not a problem. 9. Use your archives Okay, this one I’ve got sorted. 10. Relax! Hell, have you ever meet anyone more relaxed??? Total Looks like maybe 5 out of 10, if you fudge the numbers a little and round-up a lot. So I have some work to do, but first I need to decided if I could be bothered doing it. Do I want to continue this weblog as is, or do I want to make it better than it could be?