The last Buffy… ever.

Less than a day now remains until the final episode of Buffy is screened. And I guess I have to admit it. I really admire and appreciate the show. It has been the only show over the last few years to keep me interested in television in anything more than a passing fashion. I realise that I’m actually looking forward to the end. Strange as that may sound. There are some times when, despite the wishes of the creative people involved, it is better for a story to end. And despite my own vain desire that Buffy would continue forever, I’m a realist (sometimes), and would much rather a big spectacular ending to a fizzle. So yes, vaguely sad that the show will end, but understanding that is must, and seven years is a very good run for any television show. To make the event worth it, I’m celebrating with a few friends over dinner. Should be good. Does this make me a “fan”. Hmm… I don’t think so. Well… for one thing I’ve not started a fanzine about Buffy yet… perhaps if they start a range of cutting-edge books written by almost unheard of authors, focused of quality stories rather than merchandise capitalisation… I’m defiantly more than an occasional watcher of the show. And probably more than a regular watcher too. I find the show captivating, even in repeat. I talk with others that watch the show about the writing, the characters, the themes, the metaphors. I’ve even once actually written a piece of fan fiction (which was rather crap, so no I’m not going to tell you were it is). I’ve bought non of the merchandise. I’ve never attended a Buffy fan event. I don’t even know if there is a club (I assume there is, but that’s as far as that thought ever got). So ‘fanatic’, no. But a fan at some level, yes.