Wrestling the CSS daemon

I’ve known for some time that the blog layout would casually crap its self if viewed in IE for windows, espically if the “Text Size was set to “Largest”. And I have for some time insisted that the fix for this was simple… use a better browser and/or operating system. However. Some poor people are forced to suffer IE, so I’ve looked into it. I’ve decided it is high time to go to a fixed font size for the layout… this gets around most of IE’s rendering bugs if the user sets the font size to anything other than “Smaller” (which for some reason is the closet to every other browsers interpretation of the CSS relative font sizes). But this introduces two new problems. The design is a little less ‘fluid’. I generally prefer to design fluid for websites… I’m just crazy like that. And the second is that even with all that IE still doesn’t support CSS font size control of table content… great. So until I find a work around for that one my calendar in the top left still might look crap… oh well. Of more concern with a fixed font size I’ve limited accessibility… not a good thing, and one of the many things I’ve been trying to avoid. So I’ll just have to finally get around to the ‘alternate viewing’ CSS’s. Look at that I’ve raved on and you probably haven’t even noticed that I changed anything, right??? Oh, and if you really do care, here’s a nice table that shows just how bad CSS support really is. Which lists IE’s ‘Font sizes - keywords’ as “Buggy - a non-trivial bug, which although not necessarily always triggered, when triggered is serious.” See, I was right, get a better browser.