10 years?

What computer were you using 10 years ago? Think back to 1993 and work it out. In that time I would have been using a Mac Classic which for the time was old even then (after all that model was first produced in October 1991!). A friend of mine had a Mac LC III and this was cutting edge stuff in 1993. But check out the tech spec! 25 MHz processor, 80 MB hard drive, up to 37 MB of ram, not to mention the 1.44 MB floppy drive, it could do millions of colours (okay, only thousands if you pushed the rez up high). Now don’t bother comparing any of that to todays computers, the difference is so large as to be meaningless. What you can compare a 10 year old computer however is a mobile phone. Guess what, most current generation phones are better spec’ed out than the 10 year old computer. Ain’t that odd.