Mobile Telephony

img_archph_3210.jpg Since late 1999 I have been using my trusty Nokia 3210 as my main phone. My primary point of telephone contact and communication. And lets face it, 4 years of use out of a phone is considered “fucking good”. However it is basically true that for the last two years I’ve been considering my options for a new phone. There are two factors that have held me back:

  1. My current phone still works (mostly).
  2. None of the new phones have all of the features I want.

In that time phones have learnt a lot of new tricks, the most obvious is having built in cameras. So what are my options now? Is there a phone out there that can do everything I want? YES. But. Not cheap enough. So you ask (go on, humour me) “What is it you want in a phone Dave?” I’m glad you asked, I’ve made a list. (unrolls 12ft of paper)

  • Camera (at least 640x480)
  • shared memory
  • expandable memory (at least partly)
  • syncronisation with Macintosh
  • handsfree speaker
  • bluetooth or usb connection (both would be handy)
  • polyphonic ringtones
  • ringtone composer (both mono and poly)
  • midi, wav and mp3 ringtones
  • customisable interface

At the moment Nokia make one phone that does all this, the rather odd looking 3650. Sony-Ericsson also make a phone that comes close, the cute and tiny T610. But neither of these phones fall onto a plan I can afford so until they do I’ll buy a new case and battery for my trusty 3210 and squeeze another year out of him.