New Phone!

Nokia-3200.jpg So I got me a new phone at long last. Decided to get a Nokia 3200, not because it has ALL of the features I wanted, but because it has at least all the features of my old phone, plus it will work more reliably. And by more reliably, I mean at all. My old phone got to the point where less than a minute into the first call made on a full charge and it would cut off. So, how did I do with my wishlist???

  • Camera (at least 640x480) - Nope, it does have a camera, but only takes pics at 352x288
  • shared memory - yeap
  • expandable memory (at least partly) - nope, and only has 1MB total
  • syncronisation with Macintosh - nope
  • handsfree speaker - yeap
  • bluetooth or usb connection (both would be handy) - not out of the box, but got me an IR-USB thingy now
  • polyphonic ringtones - yeap
  • ringtone composer (both mono and poly) - nope
  • midi, wav and mp3 ringtones - midi yes, the others nope
  • customisable interface - a little bit

So am I happy with this? So far, yes, I can actually have a conversation with the people that call me without fear of the phone shutting down. I can once again take proper “important” calls without having to be plugged into main power. It is only a stop-gap measure, as it doesn’t do everything I wanted, but the old phone was actually crippling me, so its much better than that already! And, look, now I can do a photo-blog!