A real photolog?

So I’ve spent the last few days with my head burried deep inside applescript (always amazes me just what you can do with this stuff). I’m working on automating my photolog stuff and I thought rather than just re-invent the wheel I’d see what else is out there first. I found the basic idea I wanted to use at The Tao of Mac in the article HOWTO Process Images With AppleScript and jhead, but as always no script does everything you want, for a start the image files I have don’t have EXIF info, so I needed to find another way to rename the files. While digging through Apple’s site for some info I came across a nice list of resources which included some sample sub-routines, very handy stuff. Digital Photography Blog has an informative and link filled article on Introduction to Photoblogs and MoBlogs, which includeds a link to the kingdom of squirrels articles A PHOTOLOG IN FIVE EASY STEPS so that’s where I’m thinking of going at the moment. Creating a separate, but connected weblog to run just as a photolog. Now if I can just figure out how to FTP with applescript everything will be great. Sometimes I really, really do with Windows had a scripting language… oh well.