A lot and a little

Hmm… it is strangely amazing how a lot and a little can happen in the space of seven days… at the same time. For example. Mum went to Hong Kong for the weekend, she went over there to meet my eldest sister who was on her way back from two years in London. Both of them had a great time in Hong Kong and spent lots of fun money. (and Mum bought me a nice, little digital camera, so now I can take nice big picutres for my photoblog). Meanwhile on the other hand, Saturday, Sunday and Monday I did NOTHING at all. Monday really, really dragged by as a result. Friday night I was out… but that is another story, and you’ll only hear about that if it turns out well. In other news MS Access pisses me off. Just cause it can do lots is not a good enough reason for making everything hard to do.