Work for the dole

Well… I thought that simple being on the dole was enough of a degraging and humiliating experience… but somehow the Australian Government managed to make it just that much work. By making me have to work for the priveledge of not earning enough to cover the basic bills. So here I am, using a 250 MHz Pentium 2, which is the most usable computer here only because the other here knew what the password to get into this one was, it still has a habbit of crashing just before i hit ‘save’. I’m being forced to work on a project that is so far below my skill level its not even comical, being forced to work with people that think ‘more gif animations is the way to imporve a web site’, and being forced to grin and bear it. Whilst at the same time being expected to look for a real job, and everyone thinks that I’ll be proud of the work I do here, they actually expect I’ll list it on my resume. To my mind it would have much the same effect as listing prison time on a resume… Man… I need a job… anyone wanna hire a l33t compy guru?