No web at work?

Well here is one to amaze you all. I work in the computer industry, almost always have, know a shit load about computers, and lease this knowledge to the company I work for for a ridiculously cheap price (considering I freelance at $100 - $150 an hour). My employer wants me to continue to keep my knowledge up-to-date, which means reading all the press-releases and browsing all the tech-savvy web sites. However, to make this more fun my employer has decided I should be using work time to keep up to speed, cause the net at work is not for browsing or some such bull shit, instead I’m expected to pay for my own net access at home, and use my home time to keep informed on information for work. At my own expense. Bah! If I treated my customers the way they treat their staff then I wouldn’t have any customers. This all smells very hypocritical to me.