Emails that should not be sent

Dear X, Regarding your comment during our recent phone conversation. In this conversation I said something like: “I must have missed the update.” And you replied with: “That happens a lot at [my department].” I find your comment to be extremely unprofessional, and more than that, to be unnecessary and uncivil. The whole point of Emails that should not be sent

Tech Support, at the last second?

Why, I mean, really, really, WHY? Why does everyone always ever leave any sort of tech related advice or question until the deadline to ask? Today’s example @ 4:45pm the boss wanted help taking a word file home to work on. But then she tells me she can’t get email at home, and her computer Tech Support, at the last second?

Finish something

Had my performance review today. Was mostly fine, but was told “Your very good at starting things, but not so good at finishing.” Wouldn’t bother me so much if it wasn’t so very, very true. Bugger.


It just hit me, my years at school really did scare me a lot more than I have previously thought. Whilst at school I went and did the obligatory work experience thing, and did not have a good time, got scolded for things that I had no way of know better than, given the wrong Work

The evil Next Byte

Back when I was working at NB we had these forms we had to fill in and read out our answers at the weekly tele-conference meeting with the upper management types. I think the idea was to let the upper level guys delude themselves into thinking they were playing an active part in the running The evil Next Byte

Another Ex-Bytee

I just recently heard that one of the casual staff I worked with at Next Byte has been ‘let go’, without warning or reason. Now I realise that casual staff have no legal protection and need not be given more than 4 hours notice, but it is still a rude and unkind way to conduct Another Ex-Bytee

Good Bye Next Byte

Well, so today I add yet another new experience to my ‘real world’ sales job life, getting fired for something that wasn’t my fault. Lucky me.

The new job

Well, I’ve been doing the new job on my own now for two days. And all I can really say is that I haven’t stuffed anything up big yet. Which is good i guess. The guys at the new store all seem nice, and I’m getting along well with them. I’m very aware that some The new job


Okay, so yesterday the regional manager rocks in and wants to have a private word with me. I frown, he says its nothing scary. We chat. He offers me a new job, a ‘better’ job, more pay, not having to deal with the customers, not having to worry about commission targets, probably more work, more Promotion???