Its all about the ties

Ah, my work is great some times. Let me give you an example. Ties. We are given nice bright read ties. They are 100% polyester. Which means they get dirty, and there ain’t nothing you can use at home to clean them. I tried, I put one through the wash… when I got all the other clothes out the tie wasn’t even wet! Now, at work, we have a draw with ties in, for anyone to use, mostly old dirty ones, so I bundled them all up and took them off to the dry-cleaner and got them cleaned and then hung them back up at work, for everyone to use as necessary. So these aren’t MY ties where talking about, they are the SHOP’s so I paid for it with petty cash. Which everyone thought would be okay. It wasn’t. Orders from above. NEVER USE PETTY CASH FOR DRY CLEANING TIES. Um… okay… so how do when clean the general use ties? They didn’t know, something about paying for it ourselves. But on the flip-side, we can order in brand new fresh ties without anyone getting even slightly annoyed. I’m still trying to figure out how that can possibly make sense… but I guess it looks good in Nav, and somehow shows as a profit.