Kewl, lol & mate?

I use the word ‘kewl’ a lot, both in on-line chat and in-person conversations. In both cases I usually double it into ‘kewl kewl’. It is a response to indicate that I was actually listening to what you had to say, and a general comment of understanding and agreement. The spelling is specific and deliberate. Kewl, lol & mate?

Old bloginess

Reading though some of my old blog entries and it seems I had a lot more to say about nothing particular at all than I do now. I’m sure that means something… probably that I’m just not thinking enough in creative ways lately. I need to do something about that. Time to get myself into Old bloginess


Harry will always have the same problem, though he never will see it. With great dreams and no drive nothing will come of nothing. Harry desires many things, but none enough to get any. Harry is a fountain. Harry is a mop. Harry will always be a Harry, from the top to the very very Harry

Writing challenge #2

Due to the booming success of the previous challenge, I thought I’d start annother one. Limits Must included the line: “The house wasn’t old enough to be scary.”No more than 1 hour!Short but well written is better than long but poorly written. Go. (PS: posting your work in the comments, or trackbacking to it to Writing challenge #2

How to be a top selling author!

No idea. More to the point, I’m don’t think I’d want to be a top selling author. The quality of writing is rearly proportional to the comercial sucess. However from time to time I do write (and I like to think that some of it isn’t crap). But what to write? When? First an idea How to be a top selling author!

The art of writing is NOT just about words…

Given my previous tirades on the subject of grammar, it is perhaps not surprising that I also have a obsession with punctuation. So an article like this can hardly be left alone. Short and Curlies Anyway, wot he said.

A New Hero

A little time back I asked for suggestions from my readers for the name of a character. I got few replies. For simplicitys sake I’ll recap, the suggestions were: Angelica. Pierre. Justine. Bob. I actually like all of these names… for very different reasons, and they are names I wouldn’t have chosen myself which is A New Hero

Personal Pronouns : Part Four - Miscellaneous, Conclusion and References

There is an unusual pronoun that I have so far avoided mentioning, one. Declension of OneSubjectObjectPossessive AdjectivePossessive PronounReflexiveNumberGenderoneoneone’sone’soneselfvariableneutral One is odd because it acts for a pronoun much like a pronoun acts for a noun, but which pronoun it is standing in for is not always clear. What can one say to that? Depending on Personal Pronouns : Part Four - Miscellaneous, Conclusion and References