Cheating death

You might think that having cheated death twice now I’d have some sort of deeper understanding of the world, or life or something. But I don’t. I have realised the importance of life. But there has been no epiphany. Non of those ‘Hollywood’ style moments of true revelation. Most likely these things don’t happen as often as the movies would have us believe. A little over 27 years ago I was born. Just. Very almost dead. There is a scale out of ten, things like pulse, ten finger and ten toes, breathing score a point each. I think I scored 2. However thanks to the improvements in medical technology over the past 100 years or so I was fine. The second incident was in late March this year. A sudden infection of unknown origin resulted in the necessary remove of the two upper lobes of my right lung. A hundred years ago I would simply have died of “consumption”. Has my experience earlier this year changed the fundamental way I look at thing? No. And while it is easy to fall into the cliche of asking the big questions (the “what does life all mean anyway?” ones) I don’t think there’s much point. We are here. Best make the most of it.