The deeper me

In an effort to add a bit more information about the sort of person I am, without any of the soul searching that might be required I went searching the net for some really insightful personality test. I’m not sure if I managed to find any, but I did find some stuff that was kind of interesting. Test: Personality Test Results:

Introspective, Sensitive, Reflective You come to grips more frequently and thoroughly with yourself and your environment than do most people. You detest superficiality; you’d rather be alone than have to suffer through small talk. But your relationships with your friends are very strong, which gives you the inner tranquility and harmony that you require. You do not mind being alone for extended periods of time; you rarely become bored.

Comments: Not bad actually, I kind of like this. I’d say its the focused and certain version of me. Test: The Gay Test Results:

You are 73% GAY!

Comments: Well, I knew that already. But its kinda nice to know I was right. Test: The Purity Test Results:

You are 28% Pure!

Comments: Yeah, but no one would ever guess. Test: The Big Five Personality Test Results:

Openness to Experience/Intellect You enjoy having novel experiences and seeing things in new ways.     (Your percentile: 82) Conscientiousness You are well-organized, and are reliable.     (Your percentile: 72) Extraversion You tend to shy away from social situations.     (Your percentile: 37) Agreeableness You are good-natured, courteous, and supportive.     (Your percentile: 83) Neuroticism You probably remain calm, even in tense situations.     (Your percentile: 6)

Comments: Well, I don’t know how true these are, but it is how I like to think of myself, and I hope that this is how I’m seen.