Buffy overload imminent

Season Five of Buffy has just recently ended, Seasons One and Two are now of DVD and now part of my collection, Seasons One, Two and Three were played on Foxtel over the Easter longweekend. And to top it all off I’ve just spent the last few days re-watching Season Four. So now I’m in the weird position of having all of Buffy fresh in my mind. I’ve never had anything close to this experience with Doctor Who. The sheer volume of Doctor Who makes that more difficult, even ignoring the missing episodes. And then on top of that there is the long list of unread Doctor Who books. Yet I call myself a Doctor Who fan (proudly, but without the need to be obvious) and do not call myself a Buffy fan. I enjoy Buffy, I enjoy talking about it with fellow viewers, I enjoy the get togethers to watch it, but Buffy is not a reflection of who I am or what I believe. Complex. Doctor Who did not always hit the mark, but the over-all non-violent hero-teacher really resonates with me. Buffy on the other hand deals with some very important contemporary issues, but when it comes down to it she pokes things with a pointy stick.