Mac OS X and Buffy

I sit here tonight, playing with my computer with nothing much to do. The family iMac is currently running some serious diagnostic and repair software and its current task (a directory rebuild) will probably take the next hour, I need to be here when its done to be sure it worked. Having just changed every setting in my Router I’m also hanging around to make sure it will work as expected in the morning when my mum gets up and wants to check her email. I am vexed by some to the things Richard said today concerning Mac OS X and why it isn’t what the press are claiming it will be. Even though I agree with some of his conclusions, the working differs too greatly for me to actually agree with him. And why exactly do his uninformed rambles provoke me so? There wasn’t much today that were saw eye to eye on. I also feel I’m going to have to substantiate my ‘cliffhanger’ claim about Buffy, and having watched “The Gift” again tonight I still feel there are some valid points to be made, they need to be organised before they can be posted. And lastly I’m trying to figure out why it is that I have a keen understanding of grammar and word meanings, but have large amounts of trouble with spelling? I could go into lengthy discussion about an intransitive verb, or why split infinitives are not grammatical errors, yet I am forced to check the spelling of a word like grammar to be sure I’ve gotten it right. Maybe it has something to do with being taught to spell at school, but not taught grammar.